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Contacting your lead within 5 minutes of their application you are about ten times more likely to get them converted.

Harvard Business Research

Driver recruiting is not an easy task, especially these days. You’ve already heard about it, there’s a driver shortage in America. If you’re a company that has been lucky enough to continuously keep your fleet on the road, then congratulations! But if you are like many other recruiter’s we’ve spoken to in the  industry, you’ve probably had an issue with finding quality candidates.
To help you increase your chances with driver recruiting we’ve written these 3 points that your recruiters should keep in mind.

Get Leads In Real Time

For sometime now it has been possible to get leads in real time. This means that you can see the leads available immediately when they are available in the recruitment system that you use. This instant access to leads is very helpful ensuring that you do not lose out on leads along the way. With real time leads you have a higher chance of converting.
Harvard Business research tells us if you contact your lead within 5 minutes of their application you are about ten times more likely to get them in a truck. You are also able to access leads anytime of the day meaning that you never miss out on any potential conversions. Our agency suggests using EagleRMS as it is more powerful than its competitors, yet free.

Get Exclusive Leads

Another great practice is getting exclusive leads. Usually when leads are generated by sourcing agencies they are sold to more than one company and usually to about five. When you choose to get exclusive leads through job boards, marketing or social media, you are sure to get the leads that your competition doesn’t have. This gives you the edge you need over the market competition to get from lead to hired driver.
Exclusive leads are usually very high quality and therefore worth your money. Our market research shows that a single lead is currently worth from $45 to $70. Compare that to $25 to $50 in 2019; depending on what driver profile you’re looking for.
Getting exclusive leads you’ll be able to reach the best potential candidates based on any demographics you could have ie. Employment type, endorsements, years of experience, type of trailer and much more. For example if you are looking for OTR drivers you will be the only company receiving those leads as they come in. Meaning higher chances of getting the right driver.

Immediately Follow Up On Your Leads 

The biggest mistake any recruiter can make when recruiting drivers is letting leads go cold. After you’ve received the exclusive lead in real time you should follow up with them immediately. This gives you an enormously higher chance of going from lead to driver in your fleet.
As indicated above, the chances of converting a lead to a driver drop after the first five minutes. However don’t be discouraged by this fact but do keep a practice of your recruiters reaching out ASAP. Having a large number of leads coming in can affect how soon you are able to contact them. Having many is not helpful if you are not able to reach out and start processing them into drivers quickly. So make sure that you manage your resources accordingly.

With these 3 points you will not only get high quality leads but also great drivers that will fit into your fleet perfectly.

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