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How Much Do Truck Drivers Make – September 2021


Have you ever wondered how much money you would make working a truck driving job? This profession has been growing exponentially with the industry every year, and it seems tempting due to the various flexible options it entails. As a truck driver recruiting agency we have a great insight into what rewards could one reap working as a truck driver? So let’s see how much do truck drivers make as of September 2021.

How Much Can a CDL Class A OTR Truck Driver Make?

For this Over The Road or OTR topic we will be discussing Cent Per Mile  – so for example, if you drive the truck for 3000 miles in a week and get 75 cents per mile, that would approximately make $2,250 in a week. This is solid income, considering how trying times after Covid have been.

Nonetheless, there is a little more technicality to it; for instance, experienced Class A CDL drivers earn more than novice or beginners. Similarly, it also depends on the industry a truck driver is working for. Driver working for an aeronautical sector will likely get paid more than one working for a construction company.

Additionally, drivers who have to bear harsher conditions are paid higher than drivers working on convenient and hassle-free routes.



There is no limitation to the cent per mile rates – and they keep on witnessing an increment year on year; the CPM rate for Dry Van Trailers from January to March was 60. Then it increased to 65 in April till June, and now it currently sits at 70 CPM.

In comparison, for reefer trailers, the CPM rates are slightly higher. January to March it was 65 cents, then it got bumped to 70 CPM in April, and it remained as so till June, and has now been increased to 75 CPM.

Let’s give you a statistical perspective ranging from 2500 miles to 3500 miles for both dry van drivers and reefer trailer drivers.

If you start working as a dry van driver and bring in 2500 miles at 70 cents, which is the current allotted rate, you will earn $1,750 in a week. In comparison, if you bring in 3500 miles at 70 cents, you will make approximately $2,450 per week.

In contrast, if you drive a reefer trailer and you bring in 2500 miles a week at 75 cents, you make $1,875 a week, and if you get in 3500 miles at the same rate, you will earn a decent sum of $2,625 a week.

Furthermore, if you are a line-haul driver, you tend to make even more in a week due to the freight you have to move to and from terminals, which are roughly 1000 miles apart.
With the CPM-based income truck drivers can on average weigh-in $70,000 to $80,000.


CDL Class A Truck Drivers earn a decent sum of money in 2021. Whether they are working for private fleets or significant sectors.

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