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All You Need To Know About: How to get a Tanker Endorsement Step By Step


Truck drivers holding CDL are not unaware of the term tanker endorsement, not because it’s a random catchword but because this regulation has had implications on commercial drivers carrying large loads on them.

Truck drivers need to get an endorsement for their tanker, mainly if they only transport large quantities of liquid or gaseous freight. Drivers are supposed to carry and transport such loads carefully, and without the appropriate training and checks, driving a tanker can be extremely dangerous.

So to avoid any unnecessary predicaments for drivers and others on the road, tanker endorsement ensures that drivers are prepared to haul large quantities of liquid and gas.

As a driver, you can easily get better opportunities in your field by getting yourself a tanker endorsement—this adds to the overall convenience of being able to carry around more than 1000 gallons and help you explore your field better.

You must check whether you know how to go about getting an endorsement or not. Read on to learn more about tanker endorsement, its types, and how you can get one for yourself.

Why Do You Need A Tanker Endorsement?


The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) has introduced a directive that has changed the definition of ‘tanker,’ which has transformed the implications and requirements for CDL holders. Now all CDL holders must get tanker endorsed to haul liquid or gaseous freight.

In July 2015, tanker endorsements were made necessary for all tanker drivers carrying tanks weighing 1,000 gallons, hauling cylinders or IBCs with liquids of more than 1,000 gallons. This regulation was rolled out to keep the roads safe from tankers carrying large gaseous and liquid freight quantities.

So it doesn’t quite matter whether you are carrying hazardous or non-hazardous liquid; you are still required to get a tanker endorsement if it meets the conditions mentioned above. You must also remember to check for any leakages before getting on the road. If you’re stopped for inspection and have leaks in your vehicle, you may face serious charges.

How Many Types Of Tanker Endorsements Are There?

A tanker endorsement is required for almost all the established classes of CDL carrying large quantities of liquid and gas. The driver needs to take a series of tests to obtain that, but that’s only possible if a driver has a current CDL.

Tanker endorsements are of two types:

X endorsement: This combination of two endorsements – a traditional and hazmat endorsement—allows drivers to transport cargo like petrol, gas, or oil. This endorsement requires truck drivers to clear the question-based test along with the hazmat exam and a rigorous background screening by Transport Security Administration (TSA).

N endorsement: Once this endorsement is obtained, the drivers can carry liquids and gas over 1000 gallons in their vehicles.

How Can You Obtain a Tanker Endorsement?

Depending on whether you’re getting X endorsement or the N endorsement, the cost will vary accordingly. You must visit the nearest DMV (department of Motor Vehicles) to obtain your tanker endorsement.

First, apply for the tanker endorsement exam, which is necessary. Then pay the fees for tanker endorsement, which is around twenty dollars; therefore, the overall procedure will not cost you much.

If you take the N endorsement exam, you need to reach out to your local Department Of Motor Vehicles and give the test along with the required fee. When you have that part down, you’ll be able to get your vehicle endorsement N.

To take the X endorsement knowledge test, you must take your test and pass it. Then you are finally eligible to obtain an X endorsement for your vehicle. This will allow you to carry hazardous liquids and gaseous freight easily.

But that’s not all; along with an endorsement test, you also need to pass the hazmat exam and a rigorous background screening by Transport Security Administration (TSA).

What Will Happen When You Do Not Comply With The Law?

According to FMCSA Section 383.53, if commercial drivers operating without the necessary tanker endorsement are caught, even if their cargo fulfills the regulatory criteria, they may face a penalty of up to $5,000 per incident, as well as license suspension for 90 days.

On top of that, you’re supposed to check your vehicles for leaks since they will not spare you if they find any when inspecting your vehicle at a random stop.

The Bottom Line!

Whether you qualify for tanker endorsement or not, it is always better to get one since this will allow you to haul more load without any restrictions, especially if you’re carrying hazardous liquid and gas freight.

Obtaining an endorsement is a straightforward method to broaden your load-carrying possibilities, allowing you to transport more and accept higher-paying cargoes.

The process of getting an endorsement is easy and relatively convenient compared to facing the harsh consequences of being caught without one.


Important note: Are you a vet? Military veterans with experience in driving military buses or trucks, have a possibility to waive the driving test, but also with proof of relevant military experience your state might allow you to waive general CDL test and endorsements tests such as tanker, hazardous material, or passenger endorsement written test. So check with your state!

Still don’t have a CDL license? Click hear for a full guide on how to obtain it.

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