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Platforms We Use To Run Our Truck Driver Recruiting Agency

As our truck driver recruiting agency also offers few additional services in the domain of digital – development, marketing, and social media, we’ve decided to share with you a few tips & tricks to help you run the digital aspect of your business.
Whether you are a trucking company or in the domain of services such as dispatch or recruiting, here are some tips to boost your business productivity.

EagleRMS: Recruiting Management Software or ATS

One of the most important tools in our day-to-day truck driver recruiting operation is the ATS software we use. EagleRMS is a free ATS software developed by Eagle Technologies. Eagle company is currently developing a TMS software and is using the ATS part of it to show off the quality of its product. Offering it for free in the hope to attract customers when they launch the TMS.
EagleRMS is and will continue to stay free as announced by EagleTech.

EagleRMS is truly superb and is on par with Intelliapp and Drivers Reach when it comes to features. The user interface is simple and clean, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. The platform is fast, probably faster than the competition and the craziest part is that it’s absolutely free.
If you want to organize and speed up your recruitment EagleRMS is your solution, not only that it easily deals with competition it’s free and will save you a good buck.


Buffer: Social Media Posting and Automation

Posting on social media can be a time-consuming task. You gotta plan ahead, create your content, figure out a social media calendar, be on time with Holidays and etc.
To help you out a bit with posting you can use Buffer. We know, there is a bunch of alternatives also but Buffer is free for single company use; or 3 social media profiles. So if you need to cover 3 profiles you can do it for free at Buffer.

The setup takes a few minutes. Scheduling your posts is super simple and you can edit posts for each social media. Also, you can add hashtags as a first comment which is a great feature.
Buffer will definitely help you organize your social media and reduce the time that you can use on the more important stuff and it’s free for 3 social media profiles.


FreePik & Pexels: Graphics and media

This can be the more important stuff mentioned above. Your social media, marketing or website content. We do love using our own media and that’s the way to go for sure, but sometimes you have to turn to stock photography, videos, or graphics. In this case, we would suggest Freepik and Pexels.

Freepik is a place of graphic resources, vectors, stock photos and etc. Some of its content, a lot for that fact, is free. There are some resources that are available for premium users that pay $9.99 as a monthly subscription. However as said above, there is a lot of free content and you will probably be able to find everything you need without a subscription. From photos and graphics to templates for your Facebook & Instagram, Freepik got it.

Pexels offers free stock photos and videos that you may use everywhere. Their content is high quality and absolutely free and on top of it no attribution is needed. For a wide variety of photos and videos, we would definitely suggest Pexels as it really offers a goldmine of content.



There you have it. These are the platforms we use daily in our truck driver recruiting process. Hopefully, this helps you out with your own business development and management.
If you have any questions you can write us an email or join us on social media.


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